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rmany advocated industrial 4.0, the United States

In recent years, Germany advocated industrial 4.0, the United States with innovation-driven re-industrialization, China proposed to transform from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power, the world industrial structure is undergoing tremendous changes, pneumatic technology, pneumatic industry is facing new challenges, but also ushered in a new golden age of development. As a world-class pneumatic components R & D, production of SMC, based on the Chinese market, to promote industrial digitization, automation, intelligent manufacturing and intelligent society to achieve the development of related products and solutions. SMC's intelligent and interconnected products include all kinds of sensors, which can collect real-time data and information about pressure, flow, position and temperature in the pneumatic system. The information feedback with PLC can be realized through the valve island of bus communication. The position of the cylinder can be confirmed, the position information of the cylinder can be collected, and all kinds of sensors can collect the information. Information and data can also be used to drive electric cylinder, pressure control valve and flow control valve. Through Ethernet/IP, Profinet, Profibus, CC-link, DeviceNet, I/O-Link and other bus communication protocols to achieve interconnection and interoperability, but also through wireless systems for communication and control. The SMC has brought us a new bus control unit, that is, SMC's unique wireless communication system EX600-W. The background of its development is to understand the increasing demand for wireless communication technology on the production site. For this reason, the company developed a new EX600 wireless system based on the original EX600 system. The advantage is that it can save a lot of communication lines, save cost, save space and save working hours. In addition, compared with the traditional bus control unit for the layout of field equipment more flexible, stable, reduce the risk of communication disconnection, to achieve high-speed connection, high-speed response effect